Our instructors have completed the class instruction hours, testing, observation hours, and student teaching requirements to earn a valid Pilates Certification. Instructors take continuing education regularly, either by attending workshops or participating in online classes.

You’ll find some instructors to be more heavily classically influenced than others. Some classes stick close to the classical teachings of Joseph Pilates, while other classes are much more contemporary. However, we always honor the integrity of Pilates at Hunt Pilates by teaching proper form. You’ll definitely find an instructor or two to fit your taste.


OWNER, Liz Napoli

Name: Liz Napoli

Hometown: Greencastle, Indiana

All time favorite Joseph H. Pilates quotation: “Were man to devote as much time and energy to himself as he has devoted to that which man has produced, what astounding and unbelievable progress would be made.”

My favorite Pilates move: Short Spine Massage

Best song on my playlist: 40 Dogs by Bob Schneider

Degrees/Certifications: B.A. English Literature, Indiana University and Power Pilates Advanced Certification, Austin, Texas.

Favorite color: Green

Favorite food: Any Italian cheese

My best quick Pilates tip for clients: Trust it until you feel it.

Best teaching tip: Avoid using the words, “down” and “booty.”

Fun fact about me: Austin, Texas is my favorite place in the world.

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