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We offer classes throughout the day and evening, seven days a week.

REFORMER CLASSES: Our reformer classes can hold nine people. They last 55 minutes, and are based on the Joseph Pilates classical reformer order. Our reformer classes are designed to challenge the most advanced clients, as well as teach the fundamentals of Pilates to beginners. Our instructors always provide options for modifying.

SPRINGBOARD CLASSES: Our springboard classes have seven spots available. They are 55 minutes. These are group classes on a modified version of the Cadillac. Springboard classes are based on Joseph Pilates classical Cadillac and mat exercises. These fun classes focus on the stabilization of the shoulders along with the pelvis. Instead of the moving carriage of a reformer, Springboard is done on a raised mat with arm springs, leg springs, and a push-through bar. Our instructors always provide options for modifying.

JUMP BOARD CLASSES: Jump board classes also have seven spots available. These classes are 45 minutes. Jump board classes are not suited for people with disc injuries. These classes challenge your Pilates practice while adding serious cardio to the workout Instead of the foot bar, on the reformer, we use a jump board in its place. In addition to the Pilates moves, you jump off the board Pilates style.